Leadership Council voted to change Cooperative Ministries’ name to “Common Ministries” Wednesday, December 14, to realign the name with its original definition—as the ministries common to all congregations.

“The idea and spirit behind Cooperative Ministries is powerful. Unfortunately, as time went by and varying needs arose, the clarity of Cooperative Ministries’ purpose faded,” said Director of BIC U.S. Shared Services Rick Snyder. “Eventually, the conversation surrounding Cooperative Ministries turned into a discussion on the BIC U.S. revenue stream instead of its original focus — the ministries every congregation shares.”

Through what is now Common Ministries, the Church, together, will continue sharing the gospel and serving unreached people around the world; stewarding our unique theology by honoring our legacy and preparing for the future; caring for pastoral leadership; partnering in church planting; connecting our congregations; and providing overall church leadership.

July of this year, BIC U.S. leadership sought to clarify the original purpose of Cooperative Ministries. During General Conference 2016, leadership presented “Common Ministries” as an alternative designation — a name better emphasizing the shared responsibility of the whole Church. The conversation continued throughout the fall until the final vote in December.

“The impetus behind the name change is to unify our congregations in a common purpose,” said Rick. “We’ve chosen the word ‘common’ because these are the ministries that are common to all of our congregations, ministries that we all steward together.”

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